26 Festive food ideas from around the world for Eid-ul-Adha 2020

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Eid-ul-Adha or Festival of Sacrifice is just around the corner. This year, the Eid-ul-Adha is predicted to fall on the 31st July 2020. On this day, Muslims all over the world will celebrate this Eid by spending time and sharing food with their family, friends and neighbours.

This second biggest festive day in the Islamic calendar is celebrated to commemorate the prophet Abraham’s obedience to God. It is to remind the Muslims how Abraham obeyed God’s order even when he had to sacrifice his son. And the order was just a test for him that God replaced his son with a lamb instead.

To celebrate the festive day, every muslims all over the world will make and enjoy their traditional food that is cooked specially for the day. The food that you don’t usually have in your everyday’s menu. 

So to give you some ideas and inspirations for your Eid Feast menu, I’ve made this little roundup list of traditional food from some parts of the world. This Eid’s food list consists of breakfast ideas, appetizers, main course, and desserts from Indonesia, Pakistan, Chinese Uyghur, India, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Lebanon, Moroccan, Arab, Ghana, Turkey and German

So enjoy the list, and I wish you a happy Eid.

Eid’s Breakfast Recipes

1. Lebanese Msabaha

Lebanese musabaha for Eid's food breakfast

Find the full recipe on Discover Vegan

We all know Hummus, don’t we? So now I’m including its cousin which is called Msabaha (Musabaha). This hummus based dish is perfect for your hearty Eid breakfast. Enjoy your Msabaha with plenty of fresh herbs, vegetables, and of course flatbread.

2. Ghanaian Jollof Rice

Jollof rice

Find the full recipe on The Nourished Muslimah

This Jollof rice is a popular rice dish from Ghana, Nigeria, and most areas in West Africa. The recipe will help you make a delicious and healthy rice dish that won’t take ages. I’d say it’s a perfect choice for your Eid’s breakfast menu 😉.

3. Ghanaian easy and healthy shrimp fried rice

Shrimp fried rice

Find the full recipe on The Nourished Muslimah

Another rice dish from Ghana. This fried rice with shrimp recipe offers you a healthy version of fried rice as it’s full of nutrients yet very delicious. So it’s another good choice for Eid’s breakfast.

4. Moroccan Breakfast – Herbel

Herbel is a Moroccan version of wheat grains porridge. This warming hearty breakfast dish is traditionally served for special occasions such as Eid. The porridge is cooked in whole milk with olive oil and enjoyed with a drizzle of honey. What’s not to love?

Find the full recipe on Maroc Mama

Eid’s Snacks and Appetizers Recipes

5. Uyghur’s baked Samosa

Chinese Uyghurs samosa

Find the full recipe on Omnivores Cookbook

Samosa is a very well-known pastry among Indians, Pakistanis, and Middle-Easterns foods. But did you know that Chinese Uyghurs also make and have their own samosa?

This Uyghur lamb meat baked samosa is called 烤包子 Kao Bao Zi in Chinese.

And the best thing about this recipe is that not only it is flavoursome, but it is also healthier because the samosa is baked and not fried like other samosas.

6. Pakistani chicken kebab patties

Pakistani chicken kebabs

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes.

Kebabs are almost always among the starter menu in Pakistani cuisine, especially for feast like Eid, weddings, etc. This time I’m sharing with you the chicken kebab patties. Although I make the kebabs in round burger-like shape, you can make them in a cylinder sausage-like shape. The main thing is the proportion of each ingredient that makes the kebab patties tasty and juicy.

7. Pakistani Dahi Baray

Pakistani Dahi Baray

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes.

Dahi Baray are lentil dumplings with spiced yoghurt sauce that are often enjoyed as a part of Eid’s food starter. The dumplings are fluffy and light with the spicy yoghurt and a drizzle of tangy tamarind sauce. It’s such a delightful appetizer.

8. Indonesian sweet corn fritters – Perkedel Jagung

sweet corn fritter

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes

These fritters are very popular in Indonesia. They’re easy to make and delicious to have as your appetizer. 

9. Cheesy Chicken and mushroom croquette


Find the full recipe on Romina’s Little Corner

I feel that I have to include this cheesy chicken and mushroom croquette. The finger food that is packed with goodness and deliciousness. Something more to put on your Eid’s platter.

10. Goat’s cheese and honey appetizers

goat cheese

Find the full recipe on Romina’s Little Corner

Now, speaking of a platter, you must try this goat’s cheese and honey balls too. These little cuties will give you a nice-looking platter with hard-to-resist appetizers. 

Eid’s Main Course Recipes

11. Indonesian vegetable curry – Lontong Sayur

Indonesian vegetable curry

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes

In Indonesia, most regions will have lontong or ketupat as a part of their Eid’s feast. This hard-boiled rice is enjoyed with curry type dishes that each region has their own dish to go with lontong. 

Here is the lontong sayur – the vegetable curry in coconut milk – from the Jakarta region. Originally, Indonesians cooked curry with raw papaya and yardlong beans. But in this recipe I use green beans and potatoes. Although the vegetables may be different, this recipe offers you an original taste like the one you enjoy in Indonesia. 

12. Indonesian beef Rendang

Indonesian rendang

Find the full recipe on So Yummy recipes

Beef rendang is one of the most popular foods in Indonesia that is also a part of traditional Eid’s menu for some regions. So obviously I must include the recipe in this list. This slow-cooked meat curry in spicy coconut milk is a good pair for the vegetable curry. 

13. Pakistani Aloo Gosht

Pakistani aloo gosht

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes

This meat and potato curry dish is one of the important items for Eid’s feast. Especially among Pakistanis and Indians. Aloo Gosht is almost always there in the menu. The meat is slow cooked in spiced tomato sauce and it is a flavourful and aromatic dish.

14. Uyghur’s lamb Pilaf Rice

Uyghur's pilaf rice

Find the full recipe on Omnivores Cookbook

This Chinese Uyghur’s version of lamb pilaf rice is definitely one thing you must try. The rice is infused with aromatic spices and lamb that combined with soft and tender carrots and onions. It’s full of flavour main dish that you won’t be able to stop enjoying. Promise.

15. Egyptian Fattah

Fattah is an Egyptian meat dish that is served with rice and bread with spiced tomato sauce. The dish is traditionally enjoyed for a festive celebration like Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr. Find out the taste of the Mediterranean through this delicious dish.

Find the full recipe on Amira’s Pantry

16. Hyderabadi vegetable dum Biryani

Dum Biryani

Find the full recipe on Pepper Bowl

Biryani rice is a popular dish among Indians, Pakistani and even middle-easterns. The rice is often made especially for Eid.

Now, this vegetable dum Biryani from Hyderabad is quite unique because you have to marinade the vegetable with spices and yogurt before cooking it with rice. Just like other Hyderabadi cuisines, this vegetable dum biryani is flavourful and tasty that you can literally eat on its own.  

17. Indian Chicken Korma

Indian chicken korma

Find the full recipe on Greedy Gourmet

Chicken Korma is best enjoyed with rice, rotis or naan. This Indian version recipe offers you an authentic flavour of mild and sweet chicken korma that is perfect for your Eid celebration. 

18. Indian Lamb Pasanda

Indian lamb pasanda

Find the full recipe on Greedy Gourmet

This Lamb Pasanda uses lamb meat that is marinated with yoghurt, cream and spices, and traditionally it is enjoyed with sprinkles of almond flakes and fresh chopped tomatoes. This comforting dish is also served for festive and celebratory occasions like Eid, weddings, etc.

19. Arabian Kabsa – oriental style rice and lamb with tomato chutney

Find the full recipe on Ina Cooks

If you love Middle Eastern food, chances are you know Kabsa. It’s basically rice with chicken, lamb or beef that is served with tomato chutney called Da’os, fried nuts and raisins. You find Kabsa in celebrations such as Eid, weddings, etc. 

20. Turkish Imam Bayildi

This vegetarian side dish is delicious to have as a companion for your mains. Imam Bayildi is aubergines stuffed with onions and tomatoes with lots of olive oil that are baked until all the vegetables and the herbs are meltingly tender and juicy. And this dish is almost a must on any festive occasions among Turkish cuisines.

Find the full recipe on Ozlems Turkish Table

21. Kazakhstan Beshbarmak

Beshbarmak is Kazakhstan national food that is based on meat with noodle-like pastry. The dish is enjoyed with soup, and the word Beshbarmak itself means “five fingers”. So it means you should enjoy the dish using your hands i.e. five fingers. 

Find the full recipe on Tasty Arbuz

Eid’s Desserts Recipes

22. Indonesian Kue Putri Salju – Snow White butter cookies

Eid's food dessert- Indonesian kue putri salju

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes

In Indonesia, cookies are big for Eid celebrations. People will bake and make them a long way ahead before the Eid day. And there are many types of cookies that become a part of Eid’s celebration. This Kue Putri Salju – or Snow White butter cookies – is one of them. 

Although Indonesians will serve the cookies before the main menu — kind of unofficial starter 😊 — I think it’s safe for me to include them as desserts. After all, they taste sweet, don’t they? So yeah, try these scrumptious cookies, I promise you’ll love them.

23. Indonesian agar-agar milk pudding with condensed milk and raspberry

Indonesian agar2 pudding

Find the full recipe on So Yummy Recipes

Agar-agar pudding is very popular in Indonesia. In fact, what the Indonesians call pudding is actually dessert made of agar-agar. Here, I’m sharing with you one of the pudding recipes that uses fruits. Note that you can always change the fruits with any fruits that you like.

24. German Raffaelo Coconut Almond Cake

coconut pudding

Find the full recipe on Discover Vegan

Shared by my German friend, Imke Leber, this delectable pudding is surely a good choice for our Eid’s dessert. This mouth-watering cake tastes as good as it looks, and it’s also vegan friendly that it’s good for those who have dairy-intolerance. 

25. Mughlai Sheer Khurma 

Indian sheer khurma

Find the full recipe on Veg Recipe of India

Mughlai Sheer Khurma is a dessert pudding made for festive occasions such as Eid. This rich dessert is made of vermicelli, dates, raisins, milk and ghee. 

26. Mughlai Shahi Tukda

Mughlai Shahi Tukda

Find the full recipe on Veg Recipe of India

This royal Mughlai dessert is basically fried sugar syrup drizzled bread that you enjoy with fragrant sweet thickened milk and dry fruits. This traditional piece of dessert was originally created for Mughlai royal. So if you feel like being a royalty, try this rich and luscious dessert as a part of your Eid’s feast menu. With warning though, don’t have it too much as it can ruin your diet program 😉.


I hope you enjoy the list and that now you’re thinking of trying some of these Eid’s Food recipes. When you do try, feel free to share what you think about the recipe in the comments below. And also you’re more than welcome to share the post and pin it in your Pinterest. 

Thank you for reading and I wish you the happiest Eid.

All the best.

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