42 Exotic recipes from around the world for festive and holiday seasons

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Holiday recipes from around the world

This time, I want to share with you 42 exotic recipes from around the world to celebrate your festive and holiday seasons.

Near year-end, there are many festivities to celebrate around the globe. 

Starting from religious celebrations such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Bodhi Day, Advent, St. Barbara Day, Krampusnacht, etc., to cultural celebrations like Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Solstice, etc.

So the cold winter month of December is actually full of days that millions if not billions of people around the world look forward to.

It is actually the holiday season of the year when people take time off from work to get together with family and friends. All the loved ones. 

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And what is a more fun way to celebrate exciting moments than having good food together? 

As we all know that food is one of – if not THE – universal language of togetherness. Although this year, the way we celebrate our festive seasons may be different due to the pandemic that restricts us seeing and meeting our loved ones. However, the spirit is still there. 

And to create a more fun holiday feel, let’s try something new this time. Try to broaden our menu by trying out some traditional recipes from different parts of the world. Let’s celebrate our festivities abroad without us going away. 

Therefore, I’ve curated loads of mouthwatering exotic food recipes from around the world that are traditionally enjoyed during the holiday season.

Take a look at the list and spoil yourself with adventurous ideas for your next festive cooking.

Disclaimer though, before I carry on, please note that the collection of recipes below doesn’t reflect my personal diet. 

So there are foods on the list that I personally have no experience in having them. The only reason I include them is that they’re traditionally festive to some people and they might be something you can enjoy. So enjoy.

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Breakfast with exotic food to lit up your holiday

Traditional appetizers to greet the seasons

Main course recipes for the holiday season from around the world

Scrumptiously delicious sweets and desserts

Festive Drinks


  1. WOW! Such a wealth of amazing recipes to try this year!

  2. Azlin Bloor says:

    What a fantastic collection of festive recipes. One’s spoilt for choice with the variety here, can’t wait to go through them!

    1. Thank you. Season’s greetings to you x

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