Ramadan Recipes – Food Ideas To Enjoy During The Fasting Month

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Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan is fast approaching. For muslims, it is a holy month when one wants to focus on doing ibadah. Yet, having good food that not only can satisfy hunger and appetite, but also be easy to make is something many of muslims want to achieve.

And of course, we also want to make sure that our diet throughout this fasting month will sustain us in a good healthy way. So that we can reap the benefits of detoxifying our body through fasting by feeding it with nourishment at the same time. 

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Here, you can find delicious food recipes from different parts of the world that you can try during the holy month.

These Ramadan recipes are to give you more ideas of what to make and prepare for your suhoor/ sehri/ breakfast, and iftaar/ iftar/ breaking the fast.

I compile the recipes with the flavour, taste and ease of cooking in mind. Because I want you to enjoy your Suhoor/ Sehri and Iftaar/ Iftar without too much time and hassle in making the food. In shaa Allah. 

Let me know which one you enjoy the most. 

Ramadan mubarak.

Suhoor/ Sehri/ Breakfast

Muhammad PBUH said,”eat suhoor, for in suhoor there is blessing” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1923; Muslim, 1095). So needless to say we should not skip suhoor/ sehri.

But many of us find it difficult to eat breakfast first thing before dawn. 

When I was living in Indonesia, I used to have proper meals for sehri. Like having the rice and all sorts of side dishes. Here in the UK, I find it difficult to eat big meals that early. Especially when Ramadan was in summertime. Because we literally just had iftar a few hours before the sehri time. So I had to carefully choose what I have for my suhoor. I didn’t want to miss the blessing, and I didn’t want to risk my body struggling to fast long hours (about 18 hours on the longest days of summer).

Therefore, I decided that having healthy smoothies, soups, or light meals would be best. Because these kinds of food will be packed with nutrition but feel light in the tummy so they’re the best food choices for suhoor/ sehri, in my opinion. 

Quick Healthy Smoothies for Sehri/ Suhoor

I only compiled five smoothie recipes below for you to try. You can always substitute the fruits and ingredients to your liking and make your smoothie more interesting for you.

My top tip is try making the smoothie last minute before you go to bed. So they’ll be ready for you to enjoy when you get up for suhoor. All you do is take the smoothie out of the fridge and get on with your main suhoor. By the time you finish your light breakfast, your smoothie will be at the right temperature to drink. Unless you prefer it cold. I don’t. Not first thing in the morning.

Healthy Light Breakfast for Sehri/ Suhoor

Just like the basic rule for breakfast, you’ll want light but filling food for your sehri as well. The kind of food that is also delicious and nourish

I often have egg on a piece of toast with a glass of smoothie for my suhoor. But other times I like to give myself a bit of a treat by having something more exotic and yummy.

The following are some foods that you may want to try for your sehri. Some of them you can actually enjoy as starters for iftar and save some for suhoor/ sehri. 

Ramadan Recipes for Iftar 

The following food recipes are only some ideas of what you can make for Iftar. Although I list them down according to their categories i.e. sweets and desserts, appetizers/ starters, drinks and main meals, it doesn’t mean we should have them all at one time. 

You may just need sweets and main meals. Or, perhaps only starters and main meals. So whatever choices you make, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your Iftar. In shaa Allah.  

Sweets and Desserts for Iftar

After long hours of fasting, most of us will crave for something sweet at Iftar time. Below are some sweet and desserts recipe ideas to have in Ramadan.   

Starter for Iftar 

Often we would like something light to have after we break our fast with a date or two. A bowl of soup or some finger foods can be our choices. 

Here, I include Ramadan recipes for appetizer at Iftar time. Just to give you more ideas than what you already have.

Ramadan Iftar Drinks

I’m not gonna argue that the best drink to have any time is water. But sometimes you do feel like something a bit different and special. So I include some drink recipes to enjoy in Ramadan. 

Main Meals for Iftar

Last but not least, I have curated some delicious main meal ideas for your Ramadan recipes. Admittedly, not all of the recipes offer a quick-cooking process that only takes half an hour to do. But they all offer flavour and comfort that we often want when we have iftar. Some tasty food that can be enjoyed together with our loved ones. So enjoy. 


  1. Global Charity for Feed the Fasting says:

    Thanks for sharing the awesome list of recipes for Ramadan. Those recipes are very helpful in preparation of iftar and easily cooked on time and served before breaking fast. Thumbs Up!!

  2. Love all of the recipes. Each one is so befitting for cheering up the stomach at the Iftaar table. Thanks for the inspiration!

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