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Summer Is Together Time

When the summertime arrives, most of us love spending sunny days with our loved ones over the summer barbecue. Whether we do it in our backyard, out there on the beach, or at a natural park, we love that burning charcoal smell and sizzling barbecue with all sorts of food that we love.  

And to make the time spent more enjoyable, check out the summer BBQ recipes ideas from around the world below and create the most delicious barbecue you ever want. 

Here, I include mouthwatering barbecue recipes of chicken, beef, lamb, fish, seafood, veggie and fruit. And take a look at what our friends from other parts of the world put on their sizzling barbie. This time my blogging friends kindly share their summer bbq recipe ideas that are rooted to traditional recipes from Argentine, Chinese Xinjiang, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistani, Philippine, Portuguese, Puerto Rico, and more.

photo collage with overlay text of summer bbq recipes ideas from around the world

Top Tips To Host A Perfect Barbecue

First thing first though. Now that we have restrictions due to lockdown, I think it’s best to make sure your barbecue time is enjoyable for everyone who joins. Because there are only so many people you can invite so you may want to check if you tick all the stuff below.

  1. Make sure you invite those who get along with the rest of your family. Just because you love Miss So-and-so, it doesn’t mean she gets along with your hubby or your children. Ensure that it’s not only about you, but it’s about everyone who is present. 
  2. It may be obvious but often forgotten, do your best to serve the food that suits everyone’s diet. If your friend is on the halal diet, you may want to get some halal meat options for them. Likewise, if someone is vegan, it’ll be nice to get a few vegan food options for them. 
  3. Simple is the best. Stick to a few different varieties instead of doing so many food choices. Decide what type of barbecue you want i.e. meat, seafood, poultry, etc., then have a larger quantity of it. So you’ll be more enjoying what’s sizzling on the BBQ rather than getting stressed about the barbecue timing of many different foods.
  4. Don’t hesitate to ask and involve others to prepare for your barbecue menu. So you won’t have to worry about many things. Ask them to bring a big bowl of salad, a platter of prepared meat for the barbie, bread rolls and buns, or even just bottles of drinks. 

Things To Make For Barbecue

There are endless ideas of what you can make for barbecue. It is not only for the meat and meat. You can do all sorts now. 

Try seafood, fish, vegetables, cheese (hard cheese like halloumi is so good for BBQ), and fruits. 

And when it comes to flavour and taste, I’d say you should try some of the following recipes. It’s amazing to learn about the spices that people from other parts of the world use for their barbecue. No more boring bland bbq now. 

Equipments You Need

The barbecue rack is obviously the first item you need, and it’s often a challenge. Because not everyone of us can have the luxury of having a big storage space for the rack. And not everybody has extra space in their garden for the brick bbq.

But all shouldn’t stop you from sizzling your summer with some delicious bbq. 

Nowadays, you can find a compact barbecue rack like this one online. And if you have a bit more space for storage, you can get a slightly bigger one like this

You will also want to use non-breakable tableware such as this melamine dining ware and plastic glasses. Or, if you prefer using disposable ones to avoid washing up after the party, you can try these bamboo made plates and cutlery that are eco-friendly. 

Summer BBQ Recipes Ideas From Around The World

Beef BBQ

Chicken and Poultry BBQ

Fish and Seafood BBQ

Lamb BBQ

Vegetarian BBQ

Enjoy Your Summer

Hope you find something worth of trying from the above list of summer barbecue recipes ideas from around the world. When you do, it will be great if you could share what you think about the recipe you tried in the comments below. 

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Enjoy the summer.

All the best.

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